The secret to success on guitar is of course practice but not just any kind of practice. The quality of your practice matters. In fact, quality is far more important than quantity. A study of 'great' musicians showed they didn't generally practice more than 'good' musicians. What separated them was the way they practiced. The G4 GUITAR METHOD teaches you to practice correctly from the start. Designed for the beginner to intermediate guitar student the G4 GUITAR METHOD is all about getting results sooner with less effort.

The Proven Structured Method

$25 per month. No contracts.

  • The G4 GUITAR Member Site - Everything beginner guitar players need to learn to play
  • Exercises designed to get you practicing the right way
  • Lots of tips to make practice enjoyable and inspiring
  • Easy to follow video lessons that make practice a pleasure
  • No contracts or cancelation fees.
  • Email support

After many years of 'on/off' guitar playing I finally started formal lessons last May at the age of 68, and have managed to achieve senior level 2 and am approaching level 3. I rate the whole G4 method and approach very highly as it has brought home to me the necessity of having disciplined structured practice in order to develop one's ability. Although I was familiar with much of what was being taught I did not have the level of skills required to make my hands and fingers do what was in my head! G4 has actually provided me with the tools to move ahead and I finally feel I'm getting somewhere. I cannot speak highly enough of G4 - please keep up the good work.

Andrew Kirby
Horsham, UK

I'd been waiting to learn to play guitar for a long time but never really found the right environment to learn until I started at G4Guitar. The teachers are really great and they teach without ego. It's empowering and I was amazed how quickly I learned, improved and grew passionate about the guitar. Highly recommend, especially for busy adults wanting to learn the guitar.

Travis de Jonk
Paddington, Australia